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Vanatural® range is a pure natural bentonite clay for personal care formulations. It is perfectly suited for use in all-natural and organic personal care products.

Vanatural®Vanatural® is a Bentonite. Pure natural water-washed bentonite for personal care formulations. Disperses easily, hydrates rapidly and performs consistently. Skin renewal creams, Hydrator lotions, High SPF sunscreens, Baby lotions, Foundation makeup, Treatment masks – in virtually all topical emulsions and suspensions.
Vanatural® CAVanatural® CA is a Bentonite (and) Citric acid.Reduces the slippery or sticky feel of gums and polymers, Provides a silky, tack-free feel in topical preparations. Sunscreens, Acne treatments, Exfoliants.
Vanatural® XGB is a Bentonite (and) Xanthan Gum.Quick hydrating synergistic. Tailored blend of natural bentonite and xanthan gum that stabilises topical suspensions and emulsions. Especially recommended for difficult to stabilise suspensions and emulsions. Cosmetics, Topical and dental use.


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