The AminoSensylTM range is eco-friendly, high performance and 100% natural and contains two products, easily differentiated by their suffix.

AminoSensyl™ HCCOSMOS approved, non-quat complete conditioning system with cationic amino lipid technology. It creates rich textures and provides deep moisturisation. It is ideal for soft, weightless conditioning that smooths, defines, and strengthens hair.2X increase in hair strength in rinse-off and leave-on formulations, 66% decrease in wet comb force, 70% decrease in dry comb force, Curl defining for all hair types, Non-toxic to aquatic life, Non-irritating to skin or eyes, Designed with green chemistryHair conditioners, Hair treatments, Skincare, Serums, Emulsions, Cleansing, Body care, Shave, Beard care
AminoSensyl™ SCCOSMOS approved complete emulsification system. It creates rich textures and stabilises high oil loads for easy formulation of high-end skin and shave products. It’s cutting edge amino lipid technology allows for deep moisturisation with a powdery soft skin feel.Self-emulsifying system
PEG-free, Creates lamellar gel networks, Stabilize oil loads up to 40%, Non-irritating to skin,
Non-quat cationic amino lipid technology, Designed with green chemistry
Skincare, Hair care, Shave, Body care, Cleansing, Beard care
AminoSensyl™ UltraCOSMOS approved, non-quat complete conditioning system with cationic amino lipid technology. Designed with green chemistry, it is readily biodegradable and non-toxic to aquatic life.100% Natural conditioning system, Equivalent conditioning to BTAC (behentrimonium chloride), 3X increase in hair strength to prevent breakage,
Anti-static for smooth, defined appearance, Non-irritating to skin or eyes
Emulsions, Hair conditioners, Skincare, Serums
Cleansing, Body Care, Shave, Beard Care


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