Circalys® is a natural active ingredient titrated in andrographolide sourced from green chiretta (Andrographis paniculata) leaves, a major detoxifying plant in Ayurvedic traditional medicine.

Circalys®Circalys® modulates skin circadian clock, by restoring a “young” invigorating clock gene expression profile in old/tired keratinocytes and by acting on circadian modulators related to key cellular pathways. Circalys® extends cell longevity, reduces cell damages, promoting skin revitalisation. CIRCALYS® also acts as a “Brain-Skin” axis booster, enhancing oxytocin, endocannabinoid and endorphin signaling pathways to relax skin.
Reduce facial visible signs of fatigue (eye bags, dark circles, under-eye wrinkles, dull tone)
Energising/Anti-fatigue or Detox skin care, Urban protection daily skin care, Night regenerating skin care, Happy cosmetics – Holistic face or body care, Relaxing face or body care, for Spa or for home


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