Dust control is crucial in the mining industry and is not limited to roads but may be applied on stockpiles, slopes, and in-transit goods to stabilise haul and access roads to industry sites.

Our dust suppression agents have been formulated and extensively tested to prevent product loss and solve the most challenging dust emission problems of the mining and construction industries.

Effective for Mine Sites

Our dust suppression solution has proven effective on mine sites that include those of coal mines, copper mines, ash dams, tailings dams and power stations. We also provide a dust suppression solution with the use of mulch.

The products were developed for optimal performance but with special consideration to minimising work health and safety issues, environmental impact and impact on the downstream use of the mined materials. From mine to the port, through various processing steps, transportation and storage, we can help reduce dust emissions and product loss.

Reducing dust whilst Providing a Longer Term Solution

We offer a range of PAVECRYLTM polymer emulsions manufactured with / without the use of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO) surfactants that work by having polymer particles penetrating the surface significantly reducing dust and providing a longer term solution than temporary solutions such as water spraying.

The relatively low film forming temperature allow the products to coalesce and cure properly thereby providing the ability to work effectively at low operating temperatures.

Product NameProduct Description
PAVECRYL™ 8012Road Dust Control (APEO and Ammonia free)
PAVECRYL™ Suppress PlusFilm forming/biding for stockpiles and railcar (APEO free)
PAVECRYL™ SuppressFilm forming/biding for stockpiles and railcar
PAVECRYL™ Suppress AFFilm forming/biding for stockpiles and railcar (APEO free)
ECOSURF™ SeriesBiodegradable non-ionic surfactant. Underground coal mines
TERGITOL™ SeriesNon-ionic surfactants


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