Paraffin Control

Paraffin Control

We offer a range of products containing oil soluble paraffin inhibitors and solvents specifically designed to inhibit paraffinic crystal formation by penetrating and dissolving deposited paraffins.

Excellent Corrosion Control

Our products demonstrate excellent corrosion control under a wide range of environments, including CO2, H2S and in the presence of bacteria.

Broad-Spectrum Paraffin

The surface active agents in the product assist in dispersing oil wet solids and bacterial growth environments while assisting in emulsion resolution.

Further these broad-spectrum paraffin control product containing oil soluble wax crystal modifiers, dispersants, and solvents designed to inhibit paraffinic crystal formation, penetrate and dissolve deposited paraffins, and disperse paraffinic hydrocarbons back into the oil phase.

Where required our unique blend of solvents designed to remove solid wax downhole and in surface equipment primarily via batch application. Solvent package may also be utilised as a carrier package for paraffin dispersant formulations. Product performs exceptionally well in a broad range of waxes.


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