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Water professionals attending Ozwater ’24, the premier annual conference and exhibition, from April 30 to May 2, 2024 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), are urged to visit the A S Harrison & Co’s booth (M22 – see map below) for a showcase of innovative water solutions.

Ozwater ’24 serves as an invaluable platform for knowledge exchange and networking, featuring a robust lineup of international and national speakers, scientific papers, case studies, workshops, and panel sessions. Attendees can expect to gain insights into the latest trends and innovations shaping the water industry, making it an ideal venue for water professionals to discover cutting-edge solutions and forge meaningful connections.

What you can expect.

Agricultural and Aquaculture
Water Treatment

Our Agriculture & Aquaculture Water Treatment solutions, addresses vital needs in sustaining the health and productivity of farms and aquaculture operations. Utilising BioAugmentation technology, A S Harrison & Co offers tailored solutions for dairy waste, fish farming, starch degradation, and more, effectively addressing organic waste, sludge, and odor challenges. Additionally, products like Diatomix provides a natural approach to controlling algae and promoting water health in garden ponds and aquatic environments, ensuring a balanced ecosystem and enhancing aesthetic appeal.

Water Treatment

In the realm of municipal water treatment, A S Harrison & Co provides a comprehensive suite of solutions essential for ensuring clean and safe drinking water while effectively managing wastewater. From water filtration systems to specialised services like membrane autopsies and comprehensive water analysis, their offerings cater to diverse municipal treatment needs, including reducing sludge buildup, controlling odors, and addressing heavy grease deposits.

Water Treatment

For industrial water treatment, A S Harrison & Co offers advanced products and technologies tailored to address specific challenges encountered in industrial facilities. From blends of aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms to moving bed biofilm reactors and sustainable water management practices, our solutions optimise treatment efficiency and support environmentally responsible water management.

Water Treatment

Residential water treatment is crucial for safeguarding both drinking water quality and the purity of aquatic environments like garden ponds. Water filtration systems, including reverse osmosis (RO) systems, are pivotal in removing contaminants from water sources, with the addition of antiscalants enhancing the efficiency and longevity of RO membranes. Micro and ultrafiltration technologies complement these systems, aided by specialised cleaning chemicals that dissolve foulants and maintain effectiveness. Additionally, Diatomix offers a natural solution for controlling algae in garden ponds, promoting water health and fostering a vibrant ecosystem for aquatic life.

Channel Partners.

American Water Chemicals® (AWC®)

AWC® specialises, in membrane solutions, particularly in optimising the performance of Reverse Osmosis/Nanofiltration (RO/NF) and Microfiltration/Ultrafiltration (MF/UF) systems. With over a three decade expertise, AWC® has honed solutions for scaling challenges through research and development efforts. Leveraging their understanding of water chemistry, AWC® offers chemical and technical options for complex operational issues in membrane pretreatment processes. Renowned for its extensive line of RO antiscalants, membrane cleaning chemicals, and biocides designed to control and reverse all scales, AWC®stands as a trusted supplier of membrane chemicals for a diverse range of membrane systems, earning a reputation for reliability and excellence in the industry.



Neutralac® SLS45 is a groundbreaking liquid lime designed for wastewater treatment, that offers the swift and efficient neutralisation of acidic effluents, while adeptly regulating pH levels and eliminating heavy metals. Its prowess extends to precipitating sulfates, phosphates, and fluorides, as well as tackling fat, oil, and grease. This innovative solution surpasses conventional alkaline reagents in several aspects: boasting superior neutralisation capabilities compared to caustic soda or lime milk, exhibiting high reactivity akin to caustic soda, yet safer and easier to handle due to its non-corrosive nature and liquid form. Additionally, it ensures long-term suspension and remains economically advantageous with stable pricing and guaranteed availability.

TMT 15®

TMT 15® is a versatile 15% aqueous solution composed of trimercapto-s-triazine, trisodium salt, ideal for wastewater treatment across diverse industries. Its environmentally friendly nature facilitates the formation of stable, insoluble heavy metal-TMT compounds, simplifying separation. Widely employed in combustion plants, incinerators, and various industrial settings, TMT 15® effectively addresses heavy metal wastewater challenges. Notably, TMT 15® ensures reliable results even when traditional methods falter, boasts proven success in numerous plants, and offers ease of use and integration into various processes. With the ability to recycle compounds and avoid costly secondary treatments, TMT 15® stands as a dependable solution for maintaining threshold values in industrial wastewater treatment.


Diatomix offers a unique and environmentally friendly solution for managing Blue Green Algae without harming aquatic life. Unlike traditional algaecides, Diatomix requires minimal infrastructure for dosing at water sources. Diatomix effectively eliminates algae blooms and water weeds in garden ponds, providing an easy, safe, and cost-effective solution. Blue-Green algae or Cyanobacteria, are distinct challenges due to their bacterial-like cell structure. Unlike diatoms, Cyanobacteria can cause toxic blooms, leading to fish kills as decomposing cells create anaerobic conditions. Diatomix prevents such occurrences by ensuring clear water surfaces, facilitating oxygen exchange, and mitigating the risk of harmful algae blooms.

This is a snapshot of the products that we have available. For more products see the Water Treatment section of our website or contact us and we will coordinate a meeting time.

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