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Drilling chemicals that increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs

In the drilling process, fluids are used for several reasons such as:

• Preventing formation fluids from entering the wellbore
• Keeping the bits cool and clean
• Carrying cuttings to the surface
• Suspending cuttings and preventing loss circulation

A S Harrison & Co offers the products, application knowledge and understanding of oil and gas production necessary to increase the efficiency of all types of drilling operations.

What’s key to your success is our combination of highly experienced technical personnel and a suite of A S Harrison & Co’s products specifically designed to address a variety of potential problems.

This minimises operator costs via a treatment program that helps reduce the need for alternatives while improving on industry-standard handling procedures.

And while fluid loss prevention is a speciality, A S Harrison & Co offers a wide range of other products and services to help meet your drilling needs.

Our drilling product solutions provide specialised additives and fluid systems for oil- and water-based applications. A S Harrison & Co provide specialised additives and fluid systems for oil- and water-based applications. From shale stabilisers to corrosion inhibitors, our drilling service experts bring regional insights and a suit of specialised products to every aspect of your fluid program including:

• High Performance Water base mud – Drill in Fluid Design
• Loss Circulation Prevention – FCS and Wellbore Strengthening
• Loss Circulation – Seepage to Partial Losses
• High Solid High Water Loss Squeeze Pill – Total Loss Scenario

The majority of our products are patented solutions that are manufactured to exacting quality and performance standards. Our products comply with Australian regulatory requirements, and we offer full regulatory support.



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