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Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

Sea Buckthorn also is known as “Siberian Pineapple”, which is a small shrub native to the European and Asian region.

Destroys Free Radicals

Current research indicates that not only does Sea Buckthorn seed oil enhance immune activity and disease resistance, but it also destroys harmful free radicals found in our body.

The many possible applications include cardiology, dermatology, anti-aging and infant nutrition.

Potential benefits
  • Improved microcirculation
  • Enhanced epidermal regeneration
  • Anti-inflammatory Effect
  • Palmitic acid C16 : 0
  • Palmitoleic acid C16 : 1
  • Stearic acid C18 : 0
  • Oleic acid C18 : 1
  • Linoleic acid C18 : 2
  • Linolenic acid C18 : 3
  • Arachidic acid C20 : 0


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