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DEHSCOFIX® Frother portfolio delivers a full spectrum of froth quality properties and strengths required for the ore grade being processed.

Product Description BenefitsApplications
DEHSCOFIX® FB54 DEHSCOFIX® FB54 is a strong frother, alcohol ether.Hydrophobic and produces strong, drier froth characterised with fine froth structure and mobility. Demonstrates fast kinetics. Alternative to polyglycol and polyglycol ether type frothers of higher molecular weight. Typically requires reduced dosage compared to alkoxy frother blends. Robust frother suitable for operations where strong froths are required to assist flotation of coarse and middlings fractions and where rapid kinetics initially are desirable. Efficient frother useful for overcoming froth resistance and stability problems. Nickel, Gold, Copper and Coal.
DEHSCOFIX® FL49 DEHSCOFIX® FL49 is a strong frother, glycol ether.Stronger frother with moderate hydrophobicity and improved water retention. Strong froth generation and froth persistence, producing well defined bubbles and uniform froth generation down-the-bank. Suitable for operations where strong froths are required, and where froth persistence and stability is more important than rapid kinetics. Nickel, Gold, Copper, Iron and Industrial.
DEHSCOFIX® FL55DEHSCOFIX® FL55 is a strong frother, glycol ether.Low to moderate hydrophobicity. High froth
strength and fast flotation kinetics. Produces tight,
strong bubbles of good mobility. Offers comparable stability and strength to higher strength TEB based and alcohol/glycol ether/polyglycol blends, with potential for reduced dosage.
The combination of high froth strength and rapid flotation kinetics offers improved recovery of coarse size fraction particles in rougher-scavenger cells. Nickel, Gold and Industrial.
DEHSCOFIX® FL57 DEHSCOFIX® FL57 is a is a strong frother, glycol ether.Produces mobile, fluid froths with well defined froth structure and bubble size distribution. An alternative to the TEB based rothers, and to mid-strength alcohol based frothers containing small quantities of glycol ethers or polypropylene glycols.Suitable for applications requiring strong froth stability and good froth depth control. Demonstrates a fine balance between stability and selectivity. Suited to both intermediate and coarse particles size distributions. Nickel, Copper and Iron.
DEHSCOFIX® FL75 DEHSCOFIX® FL75 is an intermediate frother, alcohol ether.DEHSCOFIX®FL75 is an industry alternative to Dowfroth™. It can also be used as an alternative to other medium strength, intermediate molecular weight, glycol ether/propylene glycol based frothers. It produces a mobile, freely draining froth intermediate strength. Offers a combination of selectivity, froth stability and moderate kinetics. It can be used in a wice range of flotation applications where a balance of selectivity and strength is required. An alternative to midstrength, intermediate molecular weight glycolether/propylene glycol based frothers.Suitable for a wide range of flotation applications where a balance of selectivity and strength is required, with moderate persistence and good froth control enabled. Nickel, Gold, Copper and Industrial.
DEHSCOFIX® FB67DEHSCOFIX® FB67 is an intermediate frother ester.Fine, freely draining froth intermediate strength. Offers good selectivity, efficiency and kinetics. Alternative to mid-strength glycol ether/propylene glycol based frothers and stronger alcohol based frothers.Suitable for flotation applications where both selectivity and froth strength is required. Offers good depth control and applicable to coarse sizes. Nickel, Gold, Copper, Industrial and Coal.
DEHSCOFIX® FL82DEHSCOFIX®FL82 is a weak frother, alcohol ether.Low to moderate hydrophobicity producing mobile, well draining froths of intermediate stability. Alternative to lower molecular weight alcohol/ester/propylene glycol based frother blends.Selective in base metal flotation, providing improved flotation kinetics and intermediate froth strengths. Often results in lower
water recovery and improved gangue rejection. Gold and Copper.
DEHSCOFIX® FB81DEHSCOFIX® FB81 is a weak frother ester.Dry, loose and brittle froths of low to moderate stability. Alternative to MIBC and low molecular weight alcohol based frothers.Selective in base and precious metal flotation, providing good flotation circuit control. Gold, Lead-Zinc, Copper and Coal.
This is a snapshot of the products that we have available, please contact your A S Harrison & Co representative for a discussion on the products appropriate for your applications.


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