Military & AviationAviation Hydraulic Fluids

Aviation Hydraulic Fluids

Aviation hydraulic fluids are indispensable components that play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and efficiency of aircraft hydraulic systems. These fluids are specifically designed to meet the rigorous requirements of both commercial and military aircraft applications, ensuring smooth and reliable operation of critical systems.

Mineral-Based Hydraulic Oil

One essential category of aviation hydraulic fluids is mineral-based hydraulic oil. These fluids are engineered to meet the demanding needs of various aircraft, with products tailored primarily for military aircraft but also widely used in small private and commercial aircraft. Additionally, mineral-based hydraulic oil serves as strut fluid in the landing gear of large commercial aircraft and finds application in older aircraft models. Moreover, it is utilised in industrial and commercial equipment that operates under extreme temperature conditions, providing excellent fluidity even at very low temperatures.

Type IV and Type V Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

Another critical type of aviation hydraulic fluid is the Type IV and Type V fire-resistant phosphate ester-based hydraulic fluid. These fluids are specifically formulated to meet stringent safety standards, particularly in commercial aircraft hydraulic systems where phosphate hydraulic fluids are recommended. They offer superior fire resistance and are compatible with all proportions of commercial Type IV and Type V phosphate ester aviation hydraulic fluids, ensuring seamless integration into aircraft hydraulic systems.

Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

Aviation hydraulic fluids are vital for maintaining the integrity and functionality of hydraulic systems within aircraft. Whether it’s mineral-based hydraulic oil or fire-resistant phosphate ester-based fluids, these products are essential for ensuring the safety, reliability, and efficiency of aircraft operations. By providing optimal fluidity, compatibility, and fire resistance, aviation hydraulic fluids play a critical role in enhancing overall aircraft performance and safety standards.

Aviation hydraulic fluids are indispensable components in aircraft operations. With their ability to meet the demanding requirements of various aircraft applications, these fluids contribute significantly to the smooth and reliable functioning of hydraulic systems, ultimately ensuring the safety and efficiency of flight operations. Investing in high-quality aviation hydraulic fluids is essential for maintaining aircraft performance and safety standards at the highest level.


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