MCI® can be applied to existing structures as a surface treatment that reduces corrosion rates. This surface treatment is designed to penetrate into and migrate through cementitious materials to reach and protect embedded reinforcing metal. MCI® surface treatments can be applied on vertical and overhead surfaces, as well as horizontal surfaces.

MCI® pure inhibitors do not contain water repellants but provide extra-strength corrosion protection to embedded rebar through a powerful dose of MCI® inhibitors. These straight inhibitors work at rebar level to effectively protect reinforcing metal from corrosive elements with or without the use of sealers. MCI® sealers combine water repellency with the added protection of Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors. These

MCI® surface treatments seal surface pores to block carbonation and protect against the ingress of water, chlorides, and other aggressive contaminants. Below the surface, MCI® penetrates to the depth of embedded metallic reinforcement to form a protective monomolecular layer on the surface of the rebar. This protective layer delays the onset of corrosion and reduces corrosion rates after initiation, greatly extending the service life of structures.

Product NameProduct DescriptionProduct FeaturesDosage
MCI®-2020 VO
MCI®-2020 M
MCI®-2020 M V/O
Blend of amino-alcohol and salts of carboxylic acidsCorrosion inhibiting admixtures that do not effect the physical properties of concrete mix. Mixed inhibitors meaning they protect both the cathode and the anode. Made out of organic based materials hence have lower toxicity and environmental impact than traditional corrosion inhibiting admixtures (e.g.calcium nitrite). Have the capability to migrate to adjacent areas to protect surrounding materials. Only needs to be applied with a single dosage rate irrespective of anticipated exposure to corrosive elements. Both have been thoroughly lab and field tested with extensive history of case studies.Varied – 3.68m2/L (consult product
data sheet for further
MCI®-2020 M SC
MCI®-2020 Powder
MCI®-2020 V/O Powder
Blend of amino-alcohol and salts of carboxylic acidsSame as aboveVaried 3.68m2/L (consult product
data sheet for further details)
Product NameProduct DescriptionProduct FeaturesDosage
MCI®-2018 VO
100% Silane
containing MCI®
Corrosion inhibitor with water repellent properties provided by silane component. Silane chemically reacts with calcium hydroxide within cement to form hydrophobic layer under alkaline conditions. MCI®
component penetrates deeper into concrete to form protective molecular layer on reinforcing metal to inhibit corrosion. Certified to meet ANSI/NSF Standard 61 (use with potable water) and EN 1504-2 (2+System). Concrete surfaces remains fully breathable and maintain their natural moisture-vapour transmission.
3 – 4.3
MCI®2022 VO
Low VOC blend of silane/siloxane
emulsions and MCI®
100% solids, 2 component Novolac epoxy coating with
a high degree of chemical and abrasion resistance.
Recommended as high-performance coating in strict VOC
emission limits applications. Available in clear or coloured
with any MCI ®2026 HPCS colourants. MCI®2026 VO for
vertical and overhead applications.
3 – 4 m2/L
Product NameProduct DescriptionProduct FeaturesDosage
Primer WB
Water Based Epoxy PrimerPropiertary, water based 2 component epoxy coating
system. Low viscosity and no solvent odour allows
greater substrate penetration, improved handling, easier
application and inoffensive for indoor applications.
6.1 – 8.5 m2/L
MCI®2026 Floor Coating100% Solids Novolac EpoxyA 100% solids 2 component novolac epoxy coating which achieves a high degree of physical and chemical resistance. Protects concrete surfaces from aggressive industrial environments and prevents intrusion of corrosive elements. Available in clear coat as well as any MCI®2026 HPCS colourants and is VOC compliant.3 – 3.7


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