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Specialty Base Oil

A S Harrison & Co has been a trusted supplier to Australian grease and oil blenders for several decades, offering a wealth of distribution experience and fostering strong relationships with some of the world’s most advanced and respected principals. This long history underpins their expertise and reliability in the industry.

Expertise in Lubricant Additives

One of the leading divisions at A S Harrison & Co is the Lubricant Additives division. They exclusively provide a range of high-quality lubricant additive solutions from world-renowned manufacturers. These products are designed to help clients maximise their market opportunities and ensure optimal performance in various applications.

Customised Solutions and Comprehensive Support

A S Harrison & Co excels in offering tailored additive packages to meet specific customer requirements. Their comprehensive support extends from product selection through to training and end-line marketing support. Their technical expertise, supported by ISO9001 accreditation, allows them to provide detailed formulation advice, efficient decanting solutions, and a robust in-house Quality Management system. These services help clients optimise their efficiencies, ensure specifications are met, and achieve a strong return on investment.

Speciality Base Oils

A S Harrison & Co offers a range of API Group IV and Group V specialty base oils, including Esters, PAOs, Naphthenic Oils, and Polybutenes. These specialty oils, commonly referred to as synthetic oils, are manufactured by reacting raw materials together, unlike mineral oils that are refined from crude oil. This manufacturing process provides greater control over the final properties of the oils.

Superior Performance of Synthetic Oils

Group IV and Group V base fluids typically offer superior high and low-temperature performance, better oxidation stability, and a higher viscosity index compared to traditional Group I, II, and III mineral oils. This translates to enhanced durability, efficiency, and protection in a wide range of applications.

Product Range

A S Harrison & Co’s specialty base oils include:

  • Esters: Known for their excellent lubricity, thermal stability, and biodegradability, making them ideal for high-performance and environmentally sensitive applications.
  • Polyalphaolefins (PAO): Synthetic hydrocarbons that provide outstanding stability and performance across a wide temperature range, commonly used in high-performance engine oils and industrial lubricants.
  • Naphthenic Oils: Offer excellent oxidative stability and compatibility with other base oils, suitable for demanding industrial applications.

A S Harrison & Co’s lubricant additives and specialty base oils deliver enhanced performance and reliability, ensuring optimal lubrication and protection across various industries. Their commitment to quality and innovation solidifies their position as a leader in the lubricant additives market.


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