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Passenger Car Motor Oils

Additive packages for use in passenger car motor oils provide engine protection in a wide variety of applications and conditions.

Passenger car motor oils

Typically additive packages provide a balance between engine cleanliness (e.g., eliminate and/or minimise engine deposits) and reducing fuel consumption over a wide range of conditions, ranging from low temperature short trip service to extended high speed, high temperature operations.

The incorporation of friction modifiers in these additives and the use of lower viscosity oil grades contribute to fuel economy while controlling deposit levels, minimising wear, and reducing catalyst degradation.

Innovative Additive Solutions for AEO

Learn more about how Chevron Oronite develops trusted automotive additive solutions for automotive engine oils.

PCFlex ADDvantage™ Introduction

PCFlex ADDvantage™ represents the value and flexibility provided to its customers through the passenger car motor oil (PCMO) product line.

PCFlex ADDvantage™ PCMO Field Testing

A high-level overview of Oronite’s passenger car motor oil (PCMO) Field Testing capabilities and highlights of a real-world engine tear down at Desert Cab in Las Vegas, NV.


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