Industry briefing 2018 wraps up in Sydney

Lubricant Additives Industry briefing 2018 wraps up in Sydney

Last week, we hosted Australia’s pre-eminent Lubricants Industry Briefing – themed “Lubricant Solutions in an Evolving Market” at the Novotel Sydney – Darling Harbour. Again, A S Harrison & Co demonstrated its commitment to the Australian Lubricant industry by providing a valuable platform for the oil blenders to grow and compete in an ever-changing marketplace.

Over 60 people from 24 organisations and four countries provided their time and resources to attend and to contribute to the briefing. The full-day event featured some of the world’s top oil additives manufacturers– Chevron Oronite, Evonik Oil Additives, ExxonMobil Chemical and a host of local presenters – Auto One, Infomedia, Harrison Manufacturing Company and A S Harrison & Co.

The primary goal of this Industry briefing was to share pertinent technical and market-based information, as well as to provide an opportunity to network and share knowledge within the lubricants industry.

Commenting on the event Mark Anderson, General Manager, A S Harrison & Co said -“Once again, I feel that the Lubricant Industry Day for 2018 was a significant success, with a new format and new tools that have proven to bring significant value to the event. I especially liked the introduction of the platform that allowed all our guests to ask relevant and interesting questions of the panels during the day.

I was also incredibly pleased by the variety of topics from our key supply partners such as ExxonMobil Chemical, Chevron Oronite, and Evonik, as well as from other key market service providers including Harrison Manufacturing Company, Infomedia and Auto One.”

He further added “I would also like to thank our customers who attended. You helped make this event a huge success. We hope that you found the conference informative and worthwhile.”

About our presenters and topics:

Sri Rangarajan and Anand Bhargav from Chevron Oronite travelled from Singapore to share the need for API SN PLUS Oil in Australia and introduced Oronite’s Top Tier PCMO Additive – OLOA® 54720 and OLOA® 5909X API CK-4/CJ-4/ACEA E9 Additive. Sri also provided an update on the new ACEA 2018 specifications.

Carlos Vernet and Geoff Callaway from Evonik Oil Additives, also travelled from Singapore and Melbourne respectively, to speak about DYNAVIS® technology and tractor hydraulic fluids.

Travelling from China, Alina Li introduced ExxonMobil Synthetics and discussed SpectraSyn Elite™ applications in automotive and transmission fluids and industrial gear oil.

For the first time this year we featured a lubricant retailer – Adam Townsend from Auto One Australia. Adam presented an informative session on changes in the automotive after-market landscape, challenges and opportunities for lubricant retailers.

Andrew Selim from Infomedia presented the e-commerce opportunities and challenges for the lubricant Industry.

Speaking at the briefing Thomas Haskell (A S Harrison & Co, Market Manager) presented an overview of the Australian Lubricant Market discussing key market trends and Michael Lawrence (A S Harrison & Co, General Manager) shared the changing landscape of the Australian Fuel Standards. Mike Raleigh from Harrison Manufacturing Company spoke about grease solutions in an evolving market.

If you would like to know more about the industry briefing, presenters and topics, please contact us.


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