Kathon FP 1.5 and DCI-11

Kathon FP 1.5 and DCI-11

Preventing the corrosion of service refinery, terminal, pipeline and service station is of vital importance in the storage and distribution of liquid fuels.  

Combined use of Biocide and Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion in service stations and terminals is becoming more prevalent with the increased use of ethanol fuels, the introduction of Vapour Recovery Units (VRU) and biological contamination. Service station and terminal corrosion can be effectivity managed with the combined use of biocide and corrosion inhibitor.

Kathon FP 1.5

If biological problems are present Kathon FP 1.5 can be used to effectivity kill any bacteria present in the fuel system. Kathon FP 1.5 is soluble in both the water phase and fuel phase and can be treated at the terminal or specific service stations.


The DCI-11 corrosion inhibitor can be added to the fuel either at the refinery, terminal or service station. Using DCI-11 provides protection from the refinery to the service station. DCI-11 protects equipment from delivery to dispensing including the immersed pump, pipeline, tank through to the dispenser.

  1. Prevent corrosion of submersed pump.
  2. Buffer pH of fuel.
  3. Protection of critical steel, tern plate and modern alloys in vehicle fuel systems.
  4. Corrosion protection for the entire life of the fuel.
  5. Long term protection for storage tanks and fuel handling assets.
  6. Excellent cost-effective corrosion protection.




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