Introducing American Water Chemicals 

A S Harrison & Co, in association with international manufacturer – American Water Chemicals (AWC), can provide you with leading edge water treatment focussing on reverse osmosis membrane chemicals for desalination and industrial water treatment.

Our solutions can help you in reducing operating costs and frequency of cleaning. AWC chemicals are approved for all membrane types and NSF 60.

Why choose AWC products?

AWC manufactures membrane antiscalants, biocides, antifoulants, and cleaning chemicals for reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), and microfiltration (MF) membrane systems.

AWC was created in 1993 as a subsidiary of a water treatment equipment manufacturer (OEM) in response to its operations engineers’ demands for more reliable RO chemicals. They required RO antiscalants that were more resistant to biological fouling and had a better tolerance to iron. More effective membrane cleaning chemicals were needed to restore membrane performance during the warranty period. In just a few years, AWC developed into an independent operation that provided membrane chemicals and autopsy services to water treatment plants around the world.

AWC is very unique among its competitors in that it dedicates significant resources to understanding complex scaling phenomena through research and development. 

AWC also offers a broad range of analytical services including membrane wet testing, membrane cleaning studies, and membrane autopsies. Having pioneered the use of elemental imaging for membrane autopsies, AWC uses its advanced Superimposed Elemental Imaging (SEITM) technique to provide meticulous reports that identify the exact nature of a scalant or foulant. For over 20 years, American Water Chemicals has provided the membrane community with RO chemicals that lower operating costs, eliminate hazardous acid dosing and reduce the frequency of membrane cleanings.

In the past decade, AWC has created potable water corrosion inhibitors designed specifically for use with RO permeate, and a new line of NSF approved MF/UF cleaning chemicals. 

The Benefits of the AWC ROSSEP Process

AWC has developed a process that simulates your water quality and system conditions so as to guarantee the recommended pH and antiscalant dosage for your operation. This process predicts the outcome of a RO/NF pilot for control of inorganic species without interference from organic, biological, or colloidal materials which would be present in a field study.

ROSSEP is an acronym for Reverse Osmosis Scaling Synthetically Emulated by Precipitation.

Click here for a Case Study of how AWC products eliminated scaling issues at a Potable Water Plant.


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