Innospec Enhances Car Care Product Line

Innospec has expanded its presence in the Car Care market, by offering interior and exterior cleaning solutions.

Featuring EMPIMIN® OP70 and EMPICOL® LV840, an anti-fogging glass cleaner that quickly and effectively cleans glass surfaces inside and out, improving driving safety by limiting the formation of fog on car windows.


This product can be used in a wide range of markets and applications. It shows excellent wetting, dispersing and emulsifying properties as ingredient in different formulations as detergent, personal care, textile or agrochemical. It is also suitable for the manufacture of polymeric compounds by emulsion polymerisation where the product acts as the emulsifier.


This product is an excellent foaming and wetting agent in high electrolytes systems. The foaming characteristics allow it to be used in a variety of applications where a dense, creamy foam is required.

Their anti-fogging glass cleaner formulation is:

  • SLES free
  • Neutral pH
  • Anti-fogging
  • Excellent wetting and cleaning

Contact us explore Innospec’s range of ingredients for interior and exterior Car Care applications.


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