How to Improve your Formulation Stability?

For more than 70 years, Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC has been the premier source for natural rheology control.  A S Harrison & Co’s long standing partnership with Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC offers a wide range of natural rheology control additives for use in suspension and emulsion concentrates in agriculture formulations.

Why choose Vanderbilt Minerals products?

Our natural, water-washed smectite clays, including VEEGUM® Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, VANGEL® Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, and VANATURAL® Bentonite Clay, along with our VANZAN® Xanthan Gum products are the industry standard for reliably stabilising emulsions and suspensions.

Vanderbilt Minerals offers other minerals for agricultural applications including PYRAX® Pyrophyllite, for agricultural dusts, and CONTINENTAL® Clay, for wettable powders and water dispersible granules. Also available is VANSIL® Wollastonite, for soil amendments, it is the only Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)-Listed™ wollastonite that is mined and milled in the United States. DARVAN® Dispersing Agents are highly effective dispersing agents used to lower the viscosity of particulate slurries and to inhibit the settling of particulate solids.

A S Harrison & Co offers a variety of minerals and chemicals to aid in the development of chemically stable and homogenous formulations.


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