Homecare & InstitutionalRheology Modifiers, Thickeners, dispersing Agents & Stabilisers

Rheology Modifiers, Thickeners, dispersing Agents & Stabilisers

Transform your cleaning experience with the secret ingredients that redefine the efficiency of homecare and institutional products – Rheology Modifiers, Thickeners, Dispersing Agents, and Stabilisers. These powerhouse additives play a pivotal role in enhancing the performance of cleaning solutions, ensuring a superior and tailored approach to diverse surfaces.

Rheology Modifiers

Rheology Modifiers take center stage by influencing the viscosity and flow properties of cleaning formulations. These modifiers provide the desired texture and consistency to products like dish soaps and surface cleaners, improving their spreadability and adherence to surfaces. The result? A cleaning experience that is not only effective but also user-friendly.


Thickeners, a key player in the formulation game, contribute to the stability and viscosity of cleaning solutions. From toilet bowl cleaners to industrial degreasers, thickeners ensure that the product clings to surfaces, maximising contact time for optimal cleaning performance. Their ability to create a more substantial texture adds to the overall effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Dispersing Agents

Dispersing Agents are the unsung heroes that prevent clumping and ensure even distribution of active ingredients in cleaning products. Whether in laundry detergents or all-purpose cleaners, dispersing agents ensure uniformity, allowing each component to contribute its cleaning prowess efficiently. This results in a well-balanced and effective cleaning solution.


Stabilisers add a layer of reliability to cleaning formulations, ensuring that the product remains consistent and effective over time. Whether facing varying temperatures or prolonged shelf life, stabilisers play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of cleaning solutions. This ensures that the product you choose for your home or institution consistently delivers the desired cleaning results.

In conclusion, the synergy of Rheology Modifiers, Thickeners, Dispersing Agents, and Stabilisers transforms cleaning routines into efficient, user-friendly experiences. From homes to institutions, these additives tailor the cleaning process to diverse surfaces, ensuring optimal results and product longevity. Upgrade your cleaning arsenal with formulations powered by these additives for a superior, reliable, and effective clean every time.


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