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Mild Surfactants

Explore the ultimate solution for gentle and effective cleaning with our sulphate-free mild surfactants designed for both the homecare and institutional markets. These cutting-edge surfactants redefine cleanliness, offering mild to ultra-mild formulations that prioritise the well-being of your surfaces and the environment.

Sulphate-Free Surfactants

Our sulphate-free surfactants go beyond traditional cleaning agents, ensuring a gentle yet powerful performance. Engineered without ethoxylated compounds (EO free), they set a new standard for safety and efficacy. Whether you’re maintaining a pristine home environment or managing institutional cleanliness, our mild surfactants guarantee optimal results without compromising on mildness.

What sets our surfactants apart is not only their cleaning prowess but also their commitment to environmental responsibility. With low aquatic toxicity, these formulations safeguard aquatic ecosystems while providing a superior cleaning experience. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals that harm both surfaces and the planet – our sulphate-free mild surfactants strike the perfect balance between effectiveness and eco-friendliness.

Surfactants for Households and Institutions

These surfactants cater to the diverse needs of households and institutions, ensuring a versatile solution for various surfaces and cleaning requirements. From delicate home surfaces to high-traffic institutional spaces, our mild surfactants deliver consistent results without causing harm or irritation.

Embrace a new era of cleaning with our sulphate-free, EO-free, and environmentally conscious mild surfactants. Elevate your cleaning routine with a product that not only prioritises cleanliness but also aligns with the principles of sustainability. Choose mildness without compromising on performance – our surfactants redefine what it means to clean effectively and responsibly in both homecare and institutional settings.


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