EMPICOL® is a range of concentrated blend of surfactants used in the formulation of a variety of detergents like hard surface cleaners, floor cleaners, fine fabrics and dishwashing liquids.

Product DescriptionBenefitsApplications
iDS X10
Empicol® iDS X10 is Non-Ionic Surfactants, Soap Blend.46% naturally derived, produces low volume of controlled foam, excellent wetting & detergency, corrosive symbol free. Suitable for hard surface cleaners, floor cleaners and fine fabric detergents.Surface Care, Laundry, Care.
XCT 10
Empicol® XCT 10 is a Anionic & Amphoteric
57% naturally derived – this concentrate blend gives optimised foaming and detergency. Suitable for manual dishwash liquids, laundry liquids and hard surface cleaners. Also available in 50% active soft paste.Manual Dish Washing, Surface Care, Laundry, Eco Label.
XHL 100
Empicol® XHL 100 is a Anionic Surfactant.38% naturally derived, this blend produces high volume of flash foam, exhibits good wetting and detergency. Excellent viscosity response. Suitable for laundry and hand dishwash liquid detergents. Available in different active %.Manual Dish Washing, Surface Care, Toilet Care, Laundry, Care Care.


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