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Chelating Agents EDDS

Chelating Agents, specifically EDDS (Ethylenediamine-N,N’-disuccinic acid), are the secret sauce behind high-performing cleaning solutions. EDDS serves as a powerful solution to a common challenge – the presence of metal ions in water. These ions, often found in hard water, can compromise the effectiveness of cleaning agents by forming mineral deposits and soap scum.

What sets EDDS apart is its remarkable ability to sequester and neutralize metal ions, mitigating their impact on the cleaning process. This makes EDDS an invaluable component in a variety of cleaning products, including laundry detergents, dish soaps, and all-purpose cleaners. By addressing the challenges posed by hard water, EDDS ensures that these products deliver consistent and reliable results.

One of the noteworthy features of EDDS is its environmentally friendly profile. Renowned for its biodegradability, EDDS aligns seamlessly with the growing demand for sustainable cleaning solutions. As consumers increasingly prioritise eco-conscious choices, EDDS stands out as a chelating agent that not only enhances cleaning performance but also contributes to responsible environmental practices.

In summary, EDDS Chelating Agents revolutionise the cleaning landscape by effectively handling the impact of metal ions in water. Their ability to sequester these ions ensures a superior and reliable cleaning experience in both homecare and institutional applications. Opt for cleaning solutions enriched with EDDS to enjoy powerful cleaning performance while making a conscious choice towards a greener and cleaner future.


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