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Bioremediation Agents

Embark on an eco-friendly journey of cleaning innovation with Bioremediation Agents, Probiotics, and Plant-Based Additives, transforming homecare and institutional products into powerful yet sustainable solutions. This dynamic trio not only revolutionises cleanliness but also contributes to a healthier environment.

Biologic Active Treatment Product (BATP)

Bioremediation Agents, like our Biologic Active Treatment Product (BATP) in liquid concentrate form, are at the forefront of this green revolution. BATP harnesses the power of beneficial bacteria to break down organic matter, offering a natural and effective solution for various cleaning applications. From grease traps to wastewater treatment, BATP ensures a thorough cleanup while promoting ecological balance.

Bacteria Concentrated Powder

For a concentrated bacterial punch, Bacteria Concentrated Powder in solid form takes center stage. This potent powder is a game-changer in septic tank maintenance and industrial waste treatment, providing long-lasting bacteria action in an easy-to-use and transportable format. It’s the ideal solution for those seeking powerful cleaning performance without compromising on convenience.

Adding a touch of nature to the mix, Plant-Based Additives enhance the sustainability of homecare and institutional products. Derived from renewable resources, these additives contribute to biodegradability, ensuring that cleaning routines have a minimal environmental impact. From dish soaps to surface cleaners, plant-based additives offer a green alternative without sacrificing effectiveness.

Odour Neutraliser

Say goodbye to unwanted odors with our Odour Neutraliser in liquid concentrate form. This specialized formula doesn’t just mask odors but tackles them at their source. Whether in homes or institutions, this powerhouse liquid concentrate eliminates malodors effectively, leaving behind a fresh and invigorating environment.

As consumers increasingly prioritize eco-conscious choices, the incorporation of Bioremediation Agents, Probiotics, and Plant-Based Additives in homecare and institutional products meets this demand head-on. Choose formulations enriched with these innovations to experience a new level of cleaning that is not only effective but also environmentally responsible. Revolutionize your cleaning routine with products designed for a cleaner home and a greener planet.


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