Novotec® CB 800 is a natural Anti-Redeposition & Surface Protecting Agent that features polyfunctional protein molecules to remove oil, fats and other contaminants from surfaces.

Product DescriptionBenefitsApplications
Novotec® CB 800Novotec® CB 800 is a Anti-Redeposition & Surface Protecting Agent, Gelatine Hydrolysate.Often used as 2% of cleaning formulations, is made of natural collagen. This innovation not only enables perfect cleaning results without aggressive chemicals, but also helps to significantly protect the cleaned surface and offers an environmental friendliness of detergents and cleaning agents.Surface Care, Toilet Care, Laundry, Car Care, Palm Free.
Darvan® 811Darvan® 811 is an Anti-Redeposition & Surface Protecting Agent, Sodium
A Sodium Polyacrylate dispersing agent in solution. It is an effective dispersant of mineral pigment slurries. It has proven effectinve as an anti-deposition agent.Laundry, Palm Free.


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