HELES TRIAL REPORT: An evaluation of HELES bio stimulant for yield response in potatoes

At A S Harrison & Co, we believe in empowering our customers a with knowledge and innovation. Through meticulous product trials, we ensure they have access to the most effective agricultural solutions tailored to their needs, fostering mutual growth and success.

This comprehensive report conducted for A S Harrison & Co delves into the meticulous assessment of HELES (bacillus methylotrophicus) as a pre-emergent bio stimulant during the 2023 season in Pukekohe. Read on as we dissect the findings of this trial, shedding light on its implications for agricultural productivity enhancement.

  • Agricultural Consultant: Kalyx in Pukekohe
  • Trial Location: Pukekohe
  • Soil type: Patumahoe soil
  • Trial Type: Split Trial – Heles 1 kg per hectare + normal fertilisers vs normal fertiliser application
  • Potatoes Results: 6 tons per hectare yield increase and larger average size using Heles.


Tuber Crop Yield

  • Treated: 51.80 t/ha
  • Untreated: 45.72 b t/ha

Tuber Size as % of Total Crop

  • Yield in the 201g-300g weight grade increased from 10% to 22% of total yield.


A field trial assessed HELES (bacillus methylotrophicus) as a pre-emergent bio stimulant in potatoes during the 2023 season in Pukekohe.

Applied at 300 L/ha on July 3, HELES showed similar crop emergence and vigor to untreated plots at various assessment points. However, treated plots exhibited significantly higher tuber yield at 130 days after application, with no evidence of phytotoxicity observed.

above: Heles treated plots (left half side) and untreated plots (right half side) at 72 DAA


Plant emergence was monitored at 15 and 22 days after application (DA-A) in 8-meter row subplots. HELES-treated plots showed statistically similar emergence rates to untreated plots, with 4.6 and 4.0 plants per meter respectively.

Crop vigour assessments at various intervals revealed comparable results between treatments. Additionally, root vigour and length were similar, although HELES-treated roots trended longer. HELES significantly increased yield, particularly in the 201-300 g category, compared to untreated plots.


HELES-treated plots exhibited comparable crop emergence and vigour to untreated plots throughout various assessment points, including root vigour and length at 72 DA-A.

However, HELES significantly boosted tuber yield at 130 DA-A, particularly in the 201-300 g category, without causing phytotoxicity. Overall, HELES demonstrated positive effects on potato growth and yield without adverse effects observed in this trial.

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