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Plant Treatment & Protection

Plant treatment and protection rely heavily on agricultural additives, ensuring optimal crop yield, quality, and resilience against pests, diseases, and environmental stressors. From adhesives to chelating agents, each additive serves specific functions in enhancing plant protection and promoting sustainable farming practices. Adjuvants optimise herbicide efficacy, while clays form physical barriers against pests. Emulsifiers enable versatile formulations, and fruit protection additives extend shelf life. Beneficial microorganism blends and wood protection additives support sustainable farming practices.

Soil Treatment & Protection

In Australian agriculture, soil treatment and protection are vital for sustaining productivity and environmental health. Agricultural additives, including clays and microbial solutions, enhance soil quality and promote plant growth. Clays improve water retention, while microbial solutions offer eco-friendly alternatives. Turf treatments maintain green spaces, and waste treatments manage organic matter. Wetting agents optimise moisture, woolastonite enhances structure, and xanthan gums aid agri-science applications, fostering sustainability and resilience in farming practices.

Water Treatment & Protection

Water treatment and protection additives are essential for maintaining water quality and ecosystem health in agriculture. They enhance biogas production by improving microbial activity and digestion conditions, reducing methane emissions. Tailored lagoon treatments remove impurities, ensuring compliance with regulations and cleaner water. Micronutrient additives promote diatom algae growth, enhancing water quality and biodiversity. These multifaceted solutions support sustainable practices, addressing various water management challenges while minimising environmental impact and maximising resource efficiency.

Crop Treatment & Protection

Boost crop health and yield with our versatile crop protection solutions. From soil treatment to plant health, our additives optimise nutrient availability, while water treatment products foster ecosystem health. Tailored to your agricultural protection needs, our solutions ensure holistic care for crops. Embrace our eco-friendly approach to safeguard plants, soil, and water, promoting sustainability and resilience in agriculture. Rely on us for comprehensive solutions that enhance crop vitality and environmental stewardship.

Channel Partners.

Innospec is a leading global provider of specialty chemicals for the agrochemical industry. Their range of adjuvants, emulsifiers, solvents, wetting, and chelating agents are essential components in agrochemical formulations. With proven brands like NANSA®, DEHSCOFIX®, and EMPIGEN®, they optimise formulations for crop protection, plant nutrition, and more.

Alga Enviro offers groundbreaking technology to maintain water health and combat algae issues, including toxic blooms and foul odors. Teaming up with like-minded partners, we strive for sustainable innovation. As a proud channel partner, A S Harrison and Co is excited to bring forward solutions that ensure a cleaner, healthier environment for all.


Heles – Bio Stimulant on Potato Crop Yield


Diotomix offers a potent micronutrient additive tailored to boost diatom algae growth, vital for water health in various ecosystems. By enriching lagoons, ponds, and lakes, it curbs algal blooms and enhances biodiversity. This super-concentrate promotes clearer water and ecological harmony by supplying essential micronutrients.

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