GREENTECH – A world leader in innovation

GREENTECH – A world leader in innovation with scientifically proven efficacy for over 25 years.

A S Harrison & Co has had the pleasure of partnering with GREENTECH for over eight years supplying the industry with innovative, quality products based on plant biotechnology.

GREENTECH has been developing and producing high-tech active ingredients originating from the plant, marine and microbial worlds for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries since 1992. They were the first cosmetics supplier to be certified ecological and organic by ECOCERT Greenlife and are the number one supplier of organic cosmetics ingredients in terms of volume.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, GREENTECH is in perpetual motion. From the heart of the plant to the heart of the skin, and from one continent to another, they produce ingredients that mimic the deep mechanisms of nature… the skin is visibly more beautiful.

Last year, GREENTECH celebrated 25 years delivering technology, research and innovation – transforming the beauty industry.

GREENTECH is committed to their customers and the environment and this can be demonstrated via a number of channels:

Fairtrade commitment

Since their creation in 1992, sustainable development is a core value in GREENTECH’s DNA. Last year, GREENTECH materialised this strong commitment to sustainable supply into Fairtrade certification. Thanks to their willingness to integrate ethical, social and environmental practices with key stakeholders and work with supply chains which respect their employees and local populations, GREENTECH received:

  • Ecocert For Life certification (assessing the compliance of CSR management systems with the ISO 26000 guidelines), looking at the ethical, social and environmental good practices of the company
  • Ecocert Fair For Life certification (assessing social and environmental aspects) for the Fair Trade Aloe Vera supply chain in Mexico. The process includes annual audits to control key operators in the supply chain, GREENTECH’s long-term business commitments to producers, a minimum price guaranteed and the payment of a development fund to support rural development

Environmental commitment

GREENTECH was the first cosmetics supplier to be certified ecological and organic by ECOCERT Greenlife and is the number one supplier of organic cosmetics ingredients in volume. They develop innovative product ranges with the view to mitigating the environmental impact on flora and fauna.

Plant eco-extraction

  • Using natural solvents such as water or from the natural origin such as glycerin for the extraction of molecules of interest
  • Decreasing the use of extracting method by monopropylene glycol
  • Reducing preservatives (increasingly using fatty base), conversion to organic preservatives and evaluating the preservation potential of our natural plant-based ingredients

Using sustainable substitutes

  • Glycerin from rapeseed oil instead of palm oil
  • Collagen removed from marine algae
  • Omega-3 from plant origin (usually extracted from fish)

Producer of microorganisms

  • Their subsidiary BIOVITIS develops microorganism cocktails for agronomic, industrial, environmental, cosmetic and nutraceutical applications.

Research on oceanic plankton

  • Their subsidiary GREENSEA supports the program OCEANOMICS WORLD OCEAN bioresources, biotechnology and Earth-System Services, building on the success of the Tara Oceans expedition
  • Taxonomic, metabolic, ecosystemic understanding of the structure, dynamics and evolution of plankton biodiversity
  • Promoting the rational and sustainable use of one of the most important ecosystems in terms of global ecological changes and bioresources: ocean plankton
  • A first case study in France on the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol for marine genetic resources
  • Screen high-quality strains for their bioactive compounds of interest in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, aquaculture, cosmetics, agriculture and environmental fields

Reinforcing the traceability of their raw materials and products:

  • Being in direct contact with producers, they ask for agricultural practices and techniques used in the fields
  • Integrating their supplier performance (environmental, social and fairness) in quality audits. Asking suppliers to respect CSR requirements and those of clients at the start of projects.
  • Putting regulatory documents at clients’ disposal (e.g. geographical origins, naturalness, allergens, heavy metals, Nagoya compliance status, photo-toxicity…)
  • Promoting efforts and willingness to perform quality, security and efficiency throughout certifications. From the fields to the production plant and up to the client, products are controlled by norms that are complied with rigorously.

Socio-economic commitment

  • Involvement across all levels of the many supply chains: cultural contract with some of their producers, long term supply agreements, development and support of subsidiaries abroad and supporting cooperation and economic development
  • GREENTECH’s historic supply chains – Burkin Faso since 1999, Peru since 2003 and Madagascar since 2009.

Economic commitment: They get involved in various associations and non-profit organisations and participate actively in the development of the local economy, fostering entrepreneurship and encouraging the set-up of young businesses in all markets they are in.

Social commitment: They invest in education and contribute to capacity-building. They play a part in breakthrough and innovations in the sector and considers human resources development as the success factor for economic performance, placing employees at the centre of the strategy (training, career advancement, profit sharing). They are aware that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives cannot work efficiently without the participative commitment of its employees in taking actions for improvement and progress of the company’s processes.

Supports humanitarian aid: Sponsoring research and supporting numerous worthy associations and essential causes. They believe that by giving and participating in the well-being of others is a primary responsibility.

Research & development commitment

  • Biological diversity – terrestrial plants, microalgae, algae and halophyte plants and bacteria, yeasts and fungi
  • Technological diversity –
    • Extraction: cryoextraction, solvents, enzymes, fermentation
    • Purification: splitting by phase separation (chromatography, crystallisation), ultra‐filtration, fermentation
    • A team of multidisciplinary doctors (15 PhDs)
    • International public and private collaborations
    • Over 30 patents
    • Scientific international communication and publications

A S Harrison & Co offers a comprehensive range of GREENTECH products – Actives for skin, body and hair care, Scrubs, Aquasoils®, Extracts, Butters & Oils, Soft Butters® and Greensoft®. By purchasing from A S Harrison & Co, you are not just buying quality ingredients but also supporting a company that operates to the highest ethical standards whilst giving back to the community.


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