Elevating Fuel Pipeline Efficiency: A S Harrison & Co’s Dosing Skid Solutions

In the intricate world of fuel pipeline management, precision and reliability are paramount. A S Harrison & Co emerges as a beacon of excellence, offering comprehensive dosing skid solutions tailored to inject specialty chemicals into fuel pipelines with unparalleled efficiency and safety. With a proven track record spanning refineries, terminals, and gantries across Australia and New Zealand, their chemical injection skids have become synonymous with reliability, ensuring the seamless dosing of additives into transfer or process pipelines.

Additive Dosing Equipement

At the core of A S Harrison & Co’s offerings lies a commitment to customisation and integration. They understand that each customer’s needs are unique, which is why they offer bespoke engineered packages designed to provide fully integrated technical solutions. Whether it’s storage tanks for additive storage, chemical containment systems, or portable bund solutions, they deliver a one-stop compact solution that meets the exacting standards of the industry and regulations.

What sets A S Harrison & Co apart is their unwavering focus on excellence in design and manufacturing. Each dosing skid is meticulously crafted to meet the specific requirements of the customer, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Rigorous design processes, including comprehensive verification and thorough safety assessments through Risk Analysis, guarantee cost-effective and optimised equipment specifications, rigid construction, and the delivery of a robust dosing system for each unique injection operation.

Additive Injection Skids

Safety and ease of operation are paramount in A S Harrison & Co’s solutions. Their adept team of engineers designs and builds each system tailored to the customer’s specifications, prioritising both safety and efficiency. With minimal maintenance requirements and operating with minimum surveillance, their dosing skids offer peace of mind while ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Industries ranging from petroleum to water management, mining, and construction have all benefited from A S Harrison & Co’s technical prowess. Whether it’s safeguarding fuel quality in refineries and service stations, treating water in municipal facilities, optimising operations in mining sites, or ensuring environmental compliance in construction projects, their dosing solutions play a vital role in enhancing efficiency and safety across diverse sectors.

A S Harrison & Co’s dosing skid solutions represent a pinnacle of innovation in fuel pipeline management. With their commitment to customisation, integration, and excellence, they continue to redefine industry standards, offering tailored solutions that ensure the safe, reliable, and efficient dosing of specialty chemicals into fuel pipelines. Contact them today to discover how their custom solutions can elevate the efficiency of your operations.


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