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Refinery Chemicals

Our portfolio of refinery chemicals provides cost-effective chemistry for petroleum and bio-refiners to optimise production, meet fuel specification and address safety concerns.

Cost-effective refinery chemistry

Our product range is continually evolving, working with refiners to improve refinery economics, overcome industry challenges and respond to changing market requirements.

In addition to providing chemicals in a range of pack sizes from ISO tanks to pails, we also offer bespoke refinery additive dosing equipment. Providing these services allows us to offer a complete solution tailored to our customer’s requirements.


Used to stabilise gasoline and jet fuels by retarding gum formation and extending induction period.

Product NameProduct Applications
AO-22Phenylene diamine Antioxidants
AO-87Alkylated phenol Antioxidants

Lubricity Improvers

Used in Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) to increase the lubricity of the fuel, provide protection to fuel systems.

Product NameProduct Applications
OLI-8000/OLI-5500Phenylene diamine Antioxidants
OLI-9980Ester Based Lubricity Improver

Static Dissipator Additives

Increase the conductivity of low conductivity fuels and solvents, minimise the potential for hazardous charge accumulation.

Product NameProduct Applications
Stadis® 450Jet Fuel & Ground Fuel Additive
Stadis® 425Ground Fuel Oil

Corrosion Inhibitors

Neutralises corrosive species in fuel and provides a protective coating to pipelines, tanks and pumps.

Product NameProduct Applications
DCI-4AJet Fuel & Ground Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor
DCI-6APipeline & Ground Fuel Corrosion Inhibitor
DCI-11Oxygenated Fuel (E10) Corrosion Inhibitor

Fuel Oil Additives

Add stability to cracked component streams, controlling sludge formation.

Product NameProduct Applications
FOA-3Mixed Amines

Dyes and Markers

Coloured dye for oil & fuel to differentiate grades. Markers provide invisible traceability.

Product NameProduct Applications
Coloured DyesRed Dye, Yellow Dye & Blue Dye
OIM SeriesMarkets

Cold Flow Improvers

Improves low temperature properties of fuel, depressing cloud point, cold filter plugging point and pour point of middle distillates.

Product NameProduct Applications
OFI 7000 & 9000 SeriesCold Flow Improver
OFI 6000 SeriesCloud Point Depressant
OFI 5000 SeriesWax Anti Settling Additives
OFI 8000 Series:Wax Anti-Setting Flow Improver
OFI 3000 SeriesPour Point Depressant

Cetane Number Improvers

Increase the cetane number of diesel resulting in improved cold start, emissions and noise reduction.

Product NameProduct Applications
CI-08012-Ethylhexyl nitrate
CI-0808Di-tert-butyl peroxide (nitrogen free option)

Metal Deactivators

Prevents gum formation and sedimentation caused by trace dissolved metals, such as copper, vanadium and iron in a fuel.

Product NameProduct Applications
DMD SeriesGasoline, Diesel & Jet Fuel

Octane Improvers

Increase the octane number of gasoline preventing engine knocking, resulting in more power, better acceleration and smoother running.

Product NameProduct Applications
Octaburn™ 8000 SeriesMethylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT) Octane Improver
PLUTOcen® G SeriesFerrocene Octane Improver
IOB-3000 SeriesNon-metallic organic octane improver


Eliminate and prevents microbial contamination of fuel fuel contamination, minimising sludge & corrosion.

Product NameProduct Applications
Predator-8000Fast response for oil and water phases


Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) prevent corrosion and toxicity issues caused by H¬2S

Product NameProduct Applications
SulfurPurge™H-2S Scavenger


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