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Marine Fuel Additives

A S Harrison & Co supplies a comprehensive range of Marine Fuel Oil and Marine Gas Oil additives designed to meet the evolving needs of the maritime industry. With increasing regulations on sulphur content, marine fuel additives have become essential in ensuring fuel stability, improving cold flow properties, and enhancing lubricity.

Meeting Modern Challenges

Marine gas oil additives have evolved significantly in response to stringent sulphur restrictions. Lower sulphur levels, while beneficial for reducing emissions, pose challenges such as reduced fuel stability, compromised cold flow properties, and decreased lubricity. Our advanced additives address these issues effectively, ensuring that marine fuels remain stable, perform well in low temperatures, and maintain necessary lubricating properties to protect engine components.

Key Additives and Their Applications

Fuel oil additives: Our fuel oil additives are formulated to improve the overall quality and performance of marine fuel oils. These additives enhance combustion efficiency, reduce emissions, and prevent the formation of deposits on engine components. By maintaining cleaner engines, these additives extend the lifespan of marine engines and reduce maintenance costs, ensuring smoother and more reliable operations.

Fuel system icing inhibitors (FSII): In marine applications, especially in colder climates, the formation of ice crystals in fuel systems can lead to blockages and operational disruptions. Our fuel system icing inhibitors prevent ice crystal formation, ensuring uninterrupted fuel flow and engine performance even in freezing conditions. Moreover, FSII also helps in preventing biological growth in fuels, which can cause fuel degradation and clog filters, thereby enhancing fuel quality and reliability.

Static dissipator additives: Static electricity buildup during the transfer and handling of marine fuels can pose significant safety risks. Static dissipator additives reduce the risk of static discharge by increasing the conductivity of the fuel. This ensures safer fuel handling and minimises the risk of accidents, enhancing overall operational safety in marine environments.

Comprehensive Solutions for the Maritime Industry

At A S Harrison & Co, we understand the unique challenges faced by the maritime industry. Our comprehensive range of marine fuel additives is designed to address these challenges, ensuring optimal fuel performance, compliance with environmental regulations, and enhanced safety. By partnering with us, you gain access to innovative and effective solutions that support the efficient and reliable operation of your marine vessels.

Choose A S Harrison & Co for all your marine fuel additive needs and experience the benefits of superior performance, compliance, and safety in your maritime operations.


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