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Gasoline & Ethanol Additives

A S Harrison & Co supplies an extensive range of gasoline and ethanol additives to industry leaders in refining, and distribution.

Wide Range with Far Reaching Benefits

This wide range of offerings includes octane improvers, corrosion inhibitors, dyes, biocides and multifunctional additives.

  • Reduces downtime
  • Optimise fuel economy
  • Decrease fuel emissions
  • Increase octane
  • Improve winter operability
  • Prevents thermal degradation
  • Prevent injector fouling
  • Prevents valve deposits
  • Restore and maintain engine power
  • Prevent corrosion

Corrosion Inhibitors

These corrosion inhibitors are specifically designed to provide protection to oxygenate fuels such as ethanol fuels (E10 and E85). These corrosion inhibitors can also be used in other fuels to provide protection in the presence of ethanol vapours. They neutralise corrosive species in fuel and provide a protective coating to pipelines, tanks and pumps.

Product NameProduct Applications
DCI-11 Oxygenated Fuel (E10) Corrosion Inhibitor

Multifunctional Gasoline Additives

Multifunctional gasoline additives are designed to protect, improve and maintain the performance of fuel systems and engines. They can improve drivability, increase fuel economy, restore power, protect against corrosion and reduce exhaust emissions. Prevents valve and GDI injector deposits, corrosion protection & reduce friction.

Product NameProduct Applications
Dynamico™ 1000 Series Gasoline Additive

Dyers and Markers

Coloured dye for oil & fuel to differentiate grades. Markers provide invisible traceability.

Product NameProduct Applications
Coloured Dyes Red Dye, Yellow Dye & Blue Dye
OIM SeriesMarkets

Octane Improvers

Increase the octane number of gasoline preventing engine knocking, resulting in more power, better acceleration and smoother running.

Product NameProduct Applications
Octaburn™ 8000 Series Methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT) Octane Improver
PLUTOcen® G SeriesFerrocene Octane Improver
IOB-3000 SeriesNon-metallic organic octane improver


Eliminate and prevents microbial contamination of fuel fuel contamination, minimising sludge & corrosion.

Product NameProduct Applications
Predator-8000 Fast response for oil and water phases


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