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Fibres and Seeds

Functional Ingredients with Nutritional Value

In order to meet new challenges in the food industry, A S Harrison & Co can provide innovative solutions and functional ingredients with excellent nutritional value.

Thanks to our suppliers’ industrial and scientific expertise we offer high quality and safe ingredients that parallel with technological and nutritional advances.

Spray Dried or Extruded Caseinates

Spray dried or extruded caseinates are highly purified proteins that provide viscosity, excellent nutritional value and protein enrichment. Our fibres have a strong impact on final products cost effectiveness and impart significant functional values to the food products. Our fibre products are specifically designed for use in a variety of applications. In addition to superior quality and nutritional integrity, the fibres are Natural, GMO free, E-label free and gluten free.

Product TypeProduct ApplicationsProduct OptionsProduct Type
Dietary FibreFood
See our brochure for Mesh Size and Minimum Dietary Fibre %Apple, Arnonia (Choke Berry), Blackcurrant, Buckwheat, Cocoa, Oat, Rye.
See our brochure for Size and Minimum Dietary Fibre %Buckwheat, Oat, Spelt Fibre.
Dried SeedsFood
See our brochure for Size and Minimum Dietary Fibre %Blackcurrant, Chokeberry (Aronia), Cranberry, Fig, Kiwi, Passionfruit, Raspberry Seed, Rosehip, Strawberry Seed.

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We also offer technical support and specifications for our food products.

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