EverCare – the new home of Zano® & Xperse®

A S Harrison & Co are excited to announce their partnership with Evercare. EverCare is focused on innovation, supply and expertise in high quality zinc oxides for personal care and plastic applications. The technical and regulatory experts at EverCare are committed to accelerating the development of mineral sunscreens, packaging applications and rigid plastics.​

The Evercare portfolio consists of three types of ultra fine zinc oxide powders and ready-to-use dispersants.


The Zano® portfolio consists of three different grades of zinc oxide powders that each have been designed to exhibit distinct tailored performance in UVB, UVA and transparency. As such, there is a Zano® grade that will cover the specific performance needs in designing sunscreen performance.​

Zano® offers additional benefits of being:

– Natural
– Photostable
– Non-Penetrating

Zano® filters are mild on the skin and have been tested to cause no irritation and sensitisation. Zano® combines all other skin benefits of zinc oxide, such as anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties.

When used as single UV filter, the Zano® (Plus) products will each provide specific SPF, UVA and transparency levels that will all comply to international UVA regulations and broad-spectrum claims.


Evercare Zano® (Plus) products are available as ready-for-use dispersions for optimal formulation results through our Xperse® range. Our Xperse® dispersions are based on Zano® (Plus) only or in combination with TiO2 with available Ecocert and COSMOS certified options. 

Contact your A S Harrison & Co representative to discuss how Evercare can help with your zinc oxide performance needs.

Evercare Positive Reef Initiative

Choosing Zano® is more than choosing a reef-safe filter. It is a way to actively contribute to having an influence on coral reef restoration through the EverCare Positive Reef Impact Initiative.

Evercare’s aim is to allow for the creation of reef friendly sun care products while at the same time having a positive contribution to stop coral reef damage and promote its restoration. 


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