An excellent ingredient that allows for a long-lasting and durable tan.

Epsiline® stimulates and extends the activation of tanning by acting on the melanogenesis process whilst maintaining skin moisturisation.

Epsiline® is a photobioactive melanin booster obtained by the optimised culture of the microalga porphyridium cruentum.

This ingredient increases the effects of UV on skin pigmentation by ensuring a sun-kissed complexion throughout the summer.

Cosmetic benefits

  • Stimulates melanogenesis
  • Prepares the skin for sun exposure
  • Activates tanning and extends its effects
  • Ensures a sun-kissed complexion throughout the summer making tanning durable
  • Moisturises both short and long term


  • Before sun products
  • Tanning products
  • After sun care

 INCI Name

Aqua, Propanediol, Porphyridium cruentum Extract

This product is China compliant.


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