Enhancing Fuel Efficiency with Hammonds Injector at A S Harrison & Co

In the intricate landscape of fuel management, precision and efficiency are paramount. A S Harrison & Co emerges as a leading distributor of the Hammonds additive injection system across Australia, New Zealand, and the ASPAC region. This mechanical marvel revolutionises fuel blending by seamlessly integrating additives without the need for external power, meters, or controls. Harnessing the energy from the fuel itself, the Hammonds Injector ensures even and accurate blending in the fuel flow, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability.

The Hammonds Injector offers a multitude of benefits:

  1. Direct Injection: Ensures even and accurate blending in the fuel flow, guaranteeing consistent quality.
  2. Adjustable Flow Rates: Units are available with adjustable flow rates ranging from low to high, catering to diverse operational requirements.
  3. Versatile Applications: Capable of injecting a variety of additives including fuel biocides, anti-icing agents, anti-static additives, super lubricants, fuel stabilisers, and dyes, ensuring adaptability across industries.
  4. Customised Solutions: Tailored solutions to meet specific requirements, providing flexibility and optimisation.
  5. Safe Transport: Ensuring the safe transport of equipment, facilitating seamless integration into existing infrastructure.

Stationary Injectors

Hammonds designs a range of stationary injectors to meet the unique demands of terminals, high-volume delivery vehicles, and refineries. Among the most popular models are:

  1. Model 150: Designed for low flow deliveries, offering precise injection of single or dual additives with flow rates ranging from 26 to 284 LPM. This compact unit requires no external power or meter and installs easily in small spaces.
  2. Model 800: Ideal for precision injection in terminals, refineries, and high-volume delivery vehicles, with flow rates from 284 to 2650 LPM. This model boasts passive, automatic operation and precision blending capabilities.
  3. Model 2000: Catering to terminal and pipeline applications, with flow rates from 2,271 to 15,142 LPM, providing versatility and reliability in demanding environments.

Model 150

Model 800

Model 2000

Portable Injectors

For applications requiring portability, Hammonds offers a range of portable injectors, including:

  1. HC Hydrant Cart Injector: Capable of injecting up to three additives, providing quick and easy integration into fuel systems. Available with various models and featuring single-point connections for convenience.
  2. PHC1 Portable Hand Cart: A cost-effective and portable solution for small, low-volume fueling operations, equipped with the Hammonds Model 600 fluid-power injector for reliable performance on the go.

HC Hydrant Cart Injector

PHC1 Portable Hand Cart 

The Hammonds Injector by A S Harrison & Co represents a pinnacle of innovation in fuel blending technology. With its precision, versatility, and reliability, it has become a cornerstone of fuel management systems across diverse industries. Contact A S Harrison & Co today to discover how the Hammonds Injector can optimise your fuel operations.


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