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Elevate your fluid delivery operations with Hammond’s Stationary Injectors, meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of terminals, refineries, and high-volume delivery vehicles. Designed with advanced technology and precision components, Hammond’s injectors offer a range of benefits tailored to specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in fluid delivery processes.

The 150 model injector stands out for its exceptional capabilities in handling low flow deliveries, providing the flexibility to inject single or dual additives at lower flow rates. This feature enables precise control over additive injection, minimising waste and enhancing operational efficiency. Whether for specialised applications or small-scale operations, the 150 injector delivers reliable performance, ensuring consistent and accurate fluid delivery.

In industries where precision is paramount, such as terminals, refineries, and high-volume delivery vehicles, Hammond’s 800 model injector excels with its precision injection capabilities. Engineered to meet the stringent requirements of these industries, the 800 injector ensures accurate and consistent additive delivery, optimising operational processes and maximising productivity. From truck loading racks to large-scale industrial operations, the 800 model injector offers unmatched performance, meeting the diverse needs of demanding environments.

For applications demanding high flow rates, Hammond’s 2000 injector delivers unparalleled performance with a flow rate ranging from 2,271 to 15,142 LPM. Equipped with positive displacement pumps for varying flow rates and turbine systems for consistent flow rates, the 2000 injector ensures swift and reliable fluid delivery, optimising production processes and minimising downtime. With its exceptional capabilities, the 2000 injector is ideal for industries requiring rapid and efficient additive delivery, such as bulk storage terminals and large-scale manufacturing facilities.

Incorporating Hammond’s Stationary Injectors into your fluid delivery system empowers you to achieve precise control, enhanced productivity, and optimised operations. With a range of injectors catering to different flow rate requirements, Hammond ensures that industries can find the perfect solution to their fluid delivery needs. Experience unparalleled performance and reliability with Hammond’s innovative Stationary Injectors.


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