Alkyl Phosphate Esters


Our EMPIPHOS® alkyl phosphate esters are versatile anionic surfactants that can be used in liquid
formulations such as Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC), Oil Dispersion (OD), Suspension Concentrate (SC)
and Suspo-Emulsion (SE).

Depending on the ratio between the mono and di-ester entities, these alkyl phosphate esters can deliver both wetting agent and emulsifier effects. Generally low foaming and stable over a wide pH range, the products in our EMPIPHOS® range exhibit good electrolyte tolerance and as an adjuvant can help with compatibility in tank mixes.

Product NameProduct RangeProduct Description
EMPIPHOS O3 DViscous LiquidFatty alcohol, ethoxy phosphate, free acid
EMPIPHOS®A5 DLiquidFatty alcohol, ethoxy phosphate, free acid
EMPIPHOS®DF 1313LiquidOxo alcohol phosphate, free acid
EMPIPHOS®DF 1326LiquidFatty alcohol, alkoxy phosphate, free acid

Note: This is a snapshot of the chemicals that A S Harrison have available, please contact an A S Harrison & Co representative for a discussion on the appropriate chemical for your application.


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