ECOCLEAN®, Pushing ULSD to a whole new level

Optimum fuel performance in today’s high-performance engines

With a content less than 15ppm sulfur, ultra-low sulfur diesels (ULSD) provide cleaner options to traditional fuel mixtures. The challenge during the desulfurisation process is that the action of removing sulfur from the fuel stream can cause problematic effects on the fuel properties themselves.

This includes having negative effects on fuel’s natural lubricity, conductivity and other properties necessary for maximum efficiency that include naturally occurring components such as oxygen and nitrogen. These missing components, can become problematic with the fuel’s low-temperature handling, thermal stability and potential corrosion.

When ULSDs are used in High Pressure Fuel Injectors (HPFI) and High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) engines, the thermal decomposition of fuel may cause issues, such as filter plugging, injector fouling and diminished fuel efficiency.

Innospec created ECOCLEAN® to address these issues. This line of additives will maximise fuel and high-tech engines performance.

Created with the help of OEMs (Originial Engine Manufacturer), the ECOCLEAN® product line helps fuel handle the pressures of advanced fuel injection systems. ECOCLEAN® optimises you operate in a mine, transit authority, OTR fleet or as a waste hauler, ECOCLEAN® products will take your engine performance to a new level.

For more information on ECOCLEAN® and to see our range of Fuel Additives, click below.

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