Fuel Additive Technology

Dynamico prevents the formation deposits on inlet valves and fuel injectors, and also cleans existing inlet valve and injector deposits. The fuel delivery systems always consequently operates at maximum efficiency and the particle emissions reduced.

Improves Fuel Economy

Customers benefit from a quality fuel that will keep engines running smoothly, improve fuel economy without impacting performance, no matter the age of the vehicle or engine type.

The Dynamico Effect

After adding it to the fuel, this fuel additive technology will start breaking down the deposits and coating the fuel delivery system. Within the span of only one tank, the injector nozzles are cleaned out and a continued use of Dynamico will mitigate deposits into the future.

Delivering on Particle Emissions

To operate at optimal efficiency and mitigate emissions, a GDi engine must use an additive to remove deposits that can form in fuel injectors. Otherwise this will impact the vehicle’s efficiency and affects emissions. Removing deposits with Dynamico can significantly reduce particulate emissions.

Performance for all Gasoline Engines

Dynamico also enhances the efficiency of Port Fuel Injection (PFI) engines, in addition to the newest gasoline engine technology. As this engine type delivers fuel via the inlet manifold, it can cumulate deposits on the inlet valves before the combustion zone.

A fuel system free from deposits will provide engine efficiency and performance.

  • Removes existing fuel system deposits
  • Prevents fuel system fouling
  • Dramatically reduces particle emissions
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Preserves engine power
  • Maintains optimum reliability


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