Depressants and Flotation Collectors

Depressants and Flotation Collectors

In addition to our flotation and hydrometallurgy range, A S Harrison & Co offer a large number of modifying agents that are commonly used in the flotation of sulfide ores.

Inorganic Depressants to Depress Iron Sulfide and Zn Minerals

Hydrated lime is used commonly to adjust pH for maximum recovery and selectivity for a given collector. Inorganic depressants such as sodium cyanide and sodium metabisulphite are used to depress iron sulfide minerals such as pyrite, pyrrhotite and arsenopyrite and Zn minerals during Pb flotation from Pb/Zn ores and Zn sulphide (sphalerite) and Fe sulphide (e.g. pyrite, pyrrhotite) minerals, respectively.

A range of flotation collectors

We offer a range of flotation collectors that afford surface modification (increased hydrophobicity) of minerals. Based on their chemical compositions and affinities, some flotation collectors will tend to be attracted to one mineral more than another.

Depression of silicate gangue (e.g. talc, serpentine, lizardite, antigorite) may be afforded with the use of guar gum.

Product NameProduct Features
Low Heat CementCement Binder
Sodium CyanideDepressant
Sodium MetabisulphiteDepressant
Sodium MonosphateDepressant
Zinc SulphateDepressant
Anionic PolyacrylamideFlocculant
Sodium Ethyl XanthateFlotation Collector
Hydrated LimepH Modification


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