Naturally occurring carbonaceous ore and fine residue carbon can have a negative impact on gold recovery in CIL/CIP processes.

Preg-Robbing” Nature of Gold-Cyanide

Having this impact on gold recovery is a the result of their “preg-robbing” nature of the gold-cyanide complex.

Fine carbon bearing material has, by definition, high surface area, thereby increasing the tendency for leach liquor adsorption. The aim is to find the correct dosing strategy of the blinding agent to completely adsorb onto the preg-robbing carbon without any residual left in solution to impact down stream.

DEHSCOFIX® as a Blanking Agent

DEHSCOFIX® DG series have been used successfully as blanking agents in leaching processes (CIL/CIP) to improve gold recovery.

DEHSCOFIX® DG is the alternative to kerosene and other carbon blanking reagents. DEHSCOFIX® DG series is very effective in preventing preg-robbing by carbonaceous or graphitic material, thus allowing goldcyanide complex to attach preferentially to activated carbon.


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