Cutting edge marine fuel additives

Partnered with the global leader in marine fuel additives – Innospec, A S Harrison & Co brings you a suite of cutting-edge marine additive technology to power your fleet forward while enhancing engine performance. As the world’s only major fuel additive manufacturer focused solely on fuel additives, Innospec understands the complexities of handling heavy fuel oil and marine diesel/gas oil at sea.

Innospec responding to changing marine fuel industry

Today’s marine market depends more than ever on the reliability and efficiency of marine engines. Environmental legislation is putting pressure on ship owners, managers and operators to reduce emissions and move to low sulphur fuels – whether this is the traditional heavy fuel oils or marine distillates.

  • New legislation from the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) on Emission Control Areas and 2020 sulphur limits will change the fuels used by the shipping industry. The drive for low sulphur marine fuels – both HFO and distillate grades – is presenting a challenge for ship owners and marine engineers.
  • Innospec are the additive representative on the ISO fuel specification working group responsible for developing the marine fuel standards and have been actively representing the interests of their ship operating clients for many years.
  • Over the next few years, Emission Control Areas and coming 2020 sulphur limits will dramatically change the shipping industry.

Creating a competitive advantage

Innospec have been working to solve the issues which have arisen from the implementation of Marine gasoil (MGO) in IMO Emission Control Areas and the coming 2020 sulphur limits. Innospec’s next-generation fuel additives have been designed to mitigate issues which have arisen with the new fuels such as stability, lubricity, cold flow, and combustion profile. The additives are user-friendly and provide ship owners and engineers with effective solutions for treating new types of fuel.

Innospec’s Octamar® product range is proven at mitigating a range of issues and improving the performance of marine engines for both heavy-duty fuel and marine gasoil.

  • Octamar® BT-25 – Dispersant & Stability – Increase stability of HFO, mitigates issues switching between HFO to MGO. Minimising downtime and fuel sludging.
  • Octamar® LI5 Plus – Lubricity Improver & Detergent. Increases lubricity of MGO and removes injector deposits. Decrease fuel system ware and restores fuel economy.
  • Octamar® Winterflow – Cold flow improver. Prevents fuel solidifying in cold conditions, ensuring low-temperature performance of fuels.

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