Curb your Carbon Commute at A S Harrison & Co

In Australia, more than 9 million people commute to work every weekday and it is estimated that the average Australian has a carbon footprint of about 15 tons of CO2 per year.

A S Harrison & Co’s Carbon Reduction Team (one of the six subcommittees forming the wider ESG Committee group) has the task of looking at various ways to calculate and sustainably reduce our organisation’s carbon footprint. 

The team thought it would be a worthwhile exercise to evaluate how much carbon we generate with our daily commute to the office and if we could make a noticeable reduction by modifying our habits.

We asked the employees to choose a day between the 18 and 29th of September and on that day use a more environmentally friendly way to travel to work and called it the “Curb your Carbon Commute” initiative was born. Both employees from the Australia and New Zealand offices participated and following the event we performed a survey with a series of questions as to their habits for transportation to and from work. 

These were our findings.

Although the collection of the data and subsequent analysis had less of the rigors found in scientific experiment and more of a trial and error format, the team and wider group at A S Harrison & Co found the exercise quite revealing.

Making habit changes isn’t something that is done overnight, but is a step-by-step-process in discovery and persistence.

Thanks team!


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