Cortec® VpCI®: Revolutionising Water Treatment Corrosion Prevention with A S Harrison & Co

In the relentless battle against corrosion within the realm of water treatment, A S Harrison & Co emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering top-tier solutions tailored to the specific needs of this critical industry. Central to their arsenal is Cortec® VpCI® technology, a groundbreaking approach to corrosion prevention that redefines industry standards and ensures the longevity and integrity of water treatment infrastructure.

Protection against Anodic and Cathodic Corrosion

At the heart of Cortec® VpCI® technology lies a amine-based corrosion inhibitor renowned for its effectiveness and environmental safety. Unlike traditional inhibitors, VpCI® operates on a molecular level, forming a mono-molecular layer that provides unparalleled protection against both anodic and cathodic corrosion. This exceptional safeguarding extends to a wide range of metals, ensuring comprehensive corrosion prevention throughout water treatment systems.

Safeguarding Pipelines and Storage Tanks

The application versatility of VpCI® makes it an indispensable asset in water treatment facilities. Whether it’s protecting critical components within confined spaces, such as pumps and valves, or safeguarding pipelines and storage tanks, VpCI® excels in providing robust and self-replenishing corrosion protection. By eliminating the need for labor-intensive maintenance or specialised alloys, VpCI® offers significant cost savings for water treatment operators, enhancing operational efficiency and prolonging asset lifespan.

Nitrate-Free, Non-Toxic

The environmental credentials of VpCI® further underscore its suitability for water treatment applications. With no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carcinogenic compounds, chromates, borates, or heavy metals, VpCI® aligns seamlessly with sustainability goals while delivering superior corrosion protection. Its nitrate-free, non-toxic, FDA-approved formulation, coupled with organic and biodegradable options, ensures compatibility with stringent environmental regulations and promotes eco-friendly practices within the water treatment industry.

The applications of VpCI® within water treatment are vast and varied, spanning critical areas such as pumps, valves, pipelines, storage tanks, and beyond. With its multiphase protection mechanism, VpCI® excels in harsh water treatment environments, safeguarding infrastructure against the corrosive effects of water and chemicals.

Steel Wool Corrosion Time lapse by Cortec®

Demo of VpCI® in tap water. VpCI® molecules absorb onto metals providing multiphase protection.

For water treatment professionals seeking a reliable partner in corrosion prevention, A S Harrison & Co stands out as the premier choice. With their commitment to excellence and their extensive range of VpCI® solutions tailored to water treatment applications, they empower operators to mitigate corrosion risks effectively and sustainably.

Contact A S Harrison & Co today to explore how their cutting-edge corrosion inhibitors can enhance the resilience and longevity of water treatment infrastructure.


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