The VpCI®(Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor) can be used in the prevention of corrosion and scale building for boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, and condensate lines.

M-95M-95 is a basic biodegradable corrosion inhibitor additive that protects in both the contact and vapor phases. Versatile water soluble additive for various multi-metal systems requiring vapor phase and contact protection.  Causes little to no foam. Nitrite and phosphate-free. Soluble in water, glycol, alcohol; insoluble in hydrocarbon-based solvents; dispersible in oils.Protects steel, copper, brass, magnesium, aluminum, bronze, galvanised steel, and other ferrous/non-ferrous metals. Can be added to almost any water-based product requiring contact and Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors. Use in operating systems up to 180 °F (82 °C) with intermittent peaks up to 200 °F (93 °C)
M-235M-235 is a proven corrosion inhibitor for copper, copper-based alloys and other yellow metals. M-235 functions by reacting with surface copper oxides to form a strong, insoluble polymeric complex. This complex creates a thin layer or film on metal surfaces that provides both a mechanical and electrochemical barrier against corrosive attack. This protective layer has a high degree of thermal and oxidative stability and cannot be easily removed. M-235 has solubility in some water and organic systems.Can be used in circulating cooling systems such as cooling towers and air conditional systems. Direct treatment on rolled copper or brass sheets and coils. Functional fluids such as hydraulic fluids, specialty, lubricants, automotive coolants and metalworking fluids. Wrapping paper and box board for wrapping, interleaving, shipping and storing copper and brass items. Corrosion protective coatings such as lacquers and waxes. Cleaners such as soaps, detergents and strong alkali or acid cleaners.
S-7S-7 is a catalyzed sodium sulfite based oxygen scavenger
designed to protect.
Oxygen present in feed water can cause severe damage to boiler equipment if left unchecked. An oxygen induced attack can lead to pitting corrosion on the surface, and result in boiler failure. Ten parts of S-7 are necessary to remove one part oxygen. Low to medium pressure boiler, heat exchangers, cooling towers, and condensate lines. It is not recommended in high pressure boilers.
S-8S-8 is a corrosion inhibitor for washing or sterilisation of packed food cans. Wash water additive for protecting food cans from corrosion during washing or sterilisation. Forms a thin protective layer that will not cause sticky deposits. Contains FDA compliant ingredients (see PDS for details).Corrosion protection of food cans during
washing and sterilisation.
S-10S-10 is a corrosion inhibitor for condensate lines of boiler systemsCarbon dioxide is released when feed water containing carbonates and bicarbonates is heated. The carbon dioxide dissolves in the water contained in the condensate line, forming corrosive carbonic acid. Boiler condensate lines.
S-10 F S-10 F is a boiler corrosion inhibitor additive.

Non-toxic “green” filming corrosion inhibitor for boiler condensate. S-10 F should be added at a concentration level of 10-30 ppm (depending on oxygen and CO2 content). As a batch treatment, a concentration of up to 500 ppm should be maintained. Duration of cycles depends on condition of the condensate line. Contains FDA approved ingredients. List on BioPreferred® Mandatory Federal Purchasing list. Added directly to condensate lines as a continuous or batch treatment.
S-10 FAS-10 FA is a hydrocarbon soluble, water dispersible
protects condensate systems from carbon dioxide and oxygen attacks.
S-10FA has a double bond in its molecules. Such molecular structure helps to increase its solubility. This filming amine blend for controlling corrosion in condensate systems by the formation of a protective film on the metal surface. This filming amine blend when added to the steam line volatilises with the steam and then deposits in the form of a coating.
S-11Corrosion inhibitors for organic or inorganic acids. Suitable replacements for propargyl alcohol.Corrosion inhibitor for aqueous systems with low pH. S-11 Org/S-11 P (powder) especially designed for organic acids.Aqueous systems with low pH levels, such
as acid pickling and chemical cleaning.
S-15S-15 minimizes corrosion and deposits in the boiler systems in order to maximize energy efficiency and life span.Total replacement for hydrazine programs in medium to high pressure boilers. Gases typically dissolved in water, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, lead to corrosion. Oxygen causes pitting and rusting while carbon dioxide causes acid corrosion. Effective in controlling corrosion caused by oxygen and carbon dioxide in high and medium pressure boilers and condensate lines.

S-69S-69 Series of liquid and powder corrosion inhibitor building blocks.Multi-metal, multiphase corrosion prevention additive for water treatment. Available in P (powder), B (aluminum protection), N (nitrate tracer), PMF (molybdenum-free), and EcoShield® S-69 IT (UV traceable) versions.Protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Effective in chill and hot water systems.
M-615M-615 is a phosphonate-based long-term corrosion
Corrosion inhibitor and antiscalant combination. Protects ferrous metals, aluminum alloys, and galvanised steel in low to medium pressure boilers
M-640M-640 L is a liquid corrosion inhibiting additive for water and glycol-based heat exchange fluids.Multi-metal corrosion inhibiting additive for water and glycol-based heat exchange fluids. Contains vapor phase corrosion inhibitors for void space protection. This product is an excellent replacement for silicates and phosphate/nitritebased/amine compounds.It protects ferrous and non ferrous metals from corrosive contaminants.
M-645M-645 is a float coat corrosion inhibitor additive for seawater or brine. Corrosion inhibiting float coat/hydrostatic testing additive for use in sea-water or brine. Displaces water and adsorbs as an oily protective film on metal surfaceSeawater ballast tanks, hydrotesting of
This is a snapshot of the products that we have available, please contact your A S Harrison & Co representative for a discussion on the products appropriate for your applications.
Product Name*Carbon
**Solubility**Degree of Protection**Typical Applications**Typical Dosage
M-95XXXXXXXLiquidVapor Phase & ContactWater & GlycolsFlash & Long TermCorrosion Inhibitor0.25-2.5% by weight
M-235    XXXPowderVapor Phase & ContactWater & GlycolsFlash & Long TermCorrosion Inhibitor0.5-1.5% by weight
S-69XXXXXXXLiquidVapor Phase & ContactWater & Glycols Flash & Long TermCorrosion Inhibitor200-3000 ppm
M-615XXXXXXXLiquidVapor Phase & ContactWater & GlycolsFlash & Long TermCorrosion Inhibitor75-250 ppm
M-640XXX X XPowderVapor Phase & ContactWater & GlycolsFlash & Long TermCorrosion Inhibitor0.5-8% by weight
M-640LXXXXXXXLiquidContactWater & GlycolsFlash & Long TermCorrosion Inhibitor1-3% by weight
M-645XXXXXXXLiquidContactOilsFlash & Long TermFloat CoatContact us
S-7XXXXXXXLiquidContactWaterIn ProcessH2S Scavengers5-60 ppm
S-8XXXXXXXLiquidContactWaterFlashIn Can Rince150-250 ppm
S-10XXXXXXXLiquidContactWaterIn ProcessBoilers10-30 ppm feed
S-10FXXXXXXXLiquidContactWaterIn ProcessBoilers10-30 ppm feed
S-10FAXXXXXXXLiquidContactWaterIn ProcessBoilers10-30 ppm feed
S-11XXXXXXXLiquidContactWaterFlashAcid Additive0.1-4% by weight
S-15XXXXXXXLiquidContactWaterIn ProcessBoilers2-5 ppm
*Metals Protected. **Attributes


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