Corrosion InhibitorsCorrosion Inhibitors for the Oil and Gas Industry

Corrosion Inhibitors for the Oil and Gas Industry

Corrosion inhibitors are essential in the oil and gas industry to protect valuable infrastructure and maintain operational efficiency. A S Harrison & Co offers specialised solutions tailored to the industry’s unique challenges, ensuring robust protection against corrosion across various applications.

Corrosion Inhibitor Integration : Refinery, Terminal, Service Station

DCI-11 is a highly effective corrosion inhibitor that can be seamlessly integrated into the fuel supply chain. It can be added at the refinery, terminal, or service station, offering versatile application options. DCI-11 is designed to protect fuel systems from corrosion, thereby enhancing the longevity and reliability of storage tanks, pipelines, and other critical infrastructure. Its incorporation helps to prevent the degradation of metal surfaces, ensuring smooth and safe operations within the oil and gas sector.

Biocides Addition to Corrosion Inhibitors

Kathon FP 1.5 is a powerful biocide that can be combined with corrosion inhibitors for enhanced protection. Applied at the terminal of specific service stations, Kathon FP 1.5 targets microbial contamination that can lead to corrosion in fuel systems. By controlling microbial growth, this biocide helps to prevent the formation of corrosive by-products, thereby extending the lifespan of storage tanks and distribution networks. The dual action of biocidal and corrosion inhibiting properties ensures comprehensive protection for fuel systems.

VpCI® Fuel Storage

VpCI® (Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor) technology is particularly well-suited for protecting fuel storage solutions. This advanced inhibitor forms a protective layer on the interior surfaces of fuel, crude oil, and natural gas tanks, preventing corrosion. VpCI® coatings are ideal for extending the service life of storage tanks, reducing maintenance costs, and minimising the risk of leaks or failures. By safeguarding these critical assets, VpCI® fuel storage solutions help maintain the integrity and safety of oil and gas operations.

Utilising corrosion inhibitors and VpCI® technology provides the oil and gas industry with robust and reliable protection against corrosion. These solutions not only enhance the durability and performance of infrastructure but also ensure operational efficiency and safety. By incorporating these advanced inhibitors, the oil and gas industry can effectively manage corrosion, thereby optimising asset longevity and reducing overall maintenance costs.


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