CorrVerter® is a fast drying, water-based one-coat system (primer) that converts rusted surfaces to a hydrophobic passive layer and prevents further rusting thru the unique formulation of chelating agents and PVDC resins.

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CorrVerter® CorrVerter® is a Water-based primer that converts rusted surfaces to a hydrophobic passive layer.Easy to apply. Water-based. Can be applied via spray, brush, roll, or dip. Single component system. No mixing needed. Low VOC. For the surface preparation, the substrate should be free of loose rust, grease, oil, dirt, fingerprints, drawing compounds, rust inhibitors (except Cortec®approved), or any other surface contamination that could affect adhesion. Consult Cortec® Technical Service and/or test system adhesion prior to full scale application. It is recommended to remove any loose rust prior to application.
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