Corrosion Inhibitors for Specific Industries

Corrosion is a pervasive issue costing global societies billions of dollars annually. Despite its significant impact, corrosion is often overlooked or deemed inevitable, with the associated risks frequently underestimated. However, implementing effective corrosion inhibitors can mitigate these risks and extend the lifespan of critical infrastructure and equipment.

Range of Corrosion Inhibitors

A S Harrison & Co offers a comprehensive range of corrosion inhibitors tailored to various industries, including:

Cortec MCI®

The Cortec® MCI® (Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor) range is a patented technology specifically designed to protect reinforcing metal in concrete structures. MCI® works by migrating through concrete via vapor diffusion, capillary action, and ionic traction to reach and protect embedded metal once within range. This innovative approach ensures comprehensive protection and extends the service life of both new and existing concrete structures.

MCI® is available in various forms, including concrete admixtures, surface treatments for existing structures, and specialised repair products. This versatility makes MCI® highly effective in both new construction and the rehabilitation of damaged concrete. Extensive case studies and laboratory testing validate the efficacy of MCI® products, meeting required standards and certifications, and showcasing their reliability in real-world applications.

Cortec VpCI®

The Cortec® VpCI® (Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor) is another patented technology designed to protect metal surfaces. VpCI® works by traveling through the air in a vapor phase, forming an invisible protective film on metal surfaces upon contact. This layer prevents oxygen, moisture, and other corrosive agents from reaching the metal, thereby inhibiting corrosion.

VpCI® products are available in liquid, powder, and packaging materials, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications across different industries. They are particularly effective in enclosed spaces where particles can accumulate and reach difficult-to-access areas, providing comprehensive protection without the need for direct application.

One of the significant advantages of VpCI® is that it does not require removal from metal surfaces after use. Once the protected part is taken out of its packing or enclosed area, the particles dissipate, eliminating the need for cleaning or degreasing. This not only reduces labor and emissions but also minimises waste disposal, offering an environmentally friendly solution to corrosion prevention.

By utilising advanced corrosion inhibitors like Cortec® MCI® and VpCI®, industries can significantly enhance the durability and performance of their assets, ultimately leading to substantial cost savings and increased safety.


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