ConstructionAdditives for Concrete Production

Additives for Concrete Production

Enhance your concrete production with advanced additives, crucial ingredients beyond cement, water, and aggregate, contributing to optimal mix performance. Our tailored solutions for the concrete industry prioritise superior air management, ensuring reliability across various applications.

Explore our product range, including a high-performance defoamer, air-entraining agents, foam stabilisers, and superplasticisers, meticulously crafted for concrete admixture formulations. Specialised foaming agents cater specifically to lightweight concrete applications, providing versatility for diverse construction needs.

Complementing our offerings, mold release agents address the precise requirements of precast concrete manufacturing. Each additive in our portfolio meets the highest quality standards, enabling construction professionals to achieve consistency and excellence in concrete production.

Choose our additives to unlock the full potential of your concrete mixes. Whether working on standard or specialised applications, our products deliver reliable and effective air management solutions. Elevate your construction endeavors with additives that prioritise performance, efficiency, and innovation.


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