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Modifying Resins

A S Harrison & Co offers a diverse range of modifying resins specially formulated to elevate the performance and functionality of coatings. Our modifying resins serve as versatile solutions, capable of enhancing crosslink density, film hardness, and chemical resistance in coatings. Here’s why you should consider our modifying resins for your coating needs:

Sole Curing Agents or Fortifying Additives

Explore our range of modifying resins, which can be used either as sole curing agents or as fortifying additive resins. As sole curing agents, these resins facilitate the curing process, ensuring optimal crosslinking and film formation. Additionally, when used as fortifying additive resins, they enhance crosslink density, film hardness, and chemical resistance, resulting in coatings with superior performance and durability.

Our modifying resins are specifically engineered to boost crosslink density and film hardness in coatings. By promoting efficient crosslinking reactions, these resins contribute to the formation of robust and resilient coatings that withstand mechanical stress, abrasion, and impact, ensuring long-lasting protection and performance.

Enhanced Chemical Resistance

With our modifying resins, coatings benefit from enhanced chemical resistance, making them suitable for challenging environments where exposure to harsh chemicals is a concern. These resins create a dense and impermeable barrier that shields coated surfaces from corrosive agents, acids, alkalis, and solvents, ensuring prolonged protection and durability.

Versatile Applications and Formulations

Our modifying resins offer versatility in application and formulation, catering to a wide range of coating requirements and systems. Whether you’re formulating solvent-based or waterborne coatings, our modifying resins provide compatibility and performance excellence, ensuring consistency and reliability in diverse coating applications.

Choose A S Harrison & Co for your modifying resin needs and unlock the potential for superior coatings performance. With our range of modifying resins, you can achieve coatings that excel in crosslink density, film hardness, and chemical resistance, ensuring optimal protection and durability in any application.


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